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I am writing on behalf of my brother who suffered a massive heart attack and loss of oxygen to the brain resulting in a stroke 4 months ago.  He is only 45 years old.  My reason for this email is to request information for financial assistance for those who have suffered a catastrophic illness.  My brother now requires 24/7 care.  His wife cares for him at home.  My brother will receive social security benefits along with some disability insurance income for the household income.  The expenses exceed the income and my brother healthcare insurance does not cover out ot network providers.  So, any visit to the Doctor comes out of their pocket.  Medicare coverage will not be effective for 18-36 months.  Could you direct our paths to find out if there is some type of grant assistance for
spouses that choose to care for their loved one at home?  State funding such as, medicaid, is not an option since my brother has been in the workforce for the past 30+ years and does have some resources.  My sister-in-law has done an outstanding job.  She is completely devoted to her committment as a spousal caregiver.  She has even given up her healthcare coverage in order to elect COBRA for my brother.   Any and every bit of information would be helpful to our family. 

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

From a little sister who loves her big brother!

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